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If there’s one thing that was certain in 2020, it is that pretty much everyone has been using their iPhones and Androids to function in society. Whether it’s for looking up the best place to get a COVID test, shopping online, buying a new car, a new place to live, researching services & events, or connecting with people and businesses, everything is even more connected to the Internet in today’s world. We have gotten to the point where even young children and the elderly are using it frequently as a place to connect, entertain and learn.

You would think that this is pretty obvious information, right? Well, yes, it is. So is most of the abundant information we have access to today. The problem with information and knowledge is that it is only potential power, and taking action on insightful information is the difference-maker.

We might not be living in a quarantined world forever, but living through a pandemic for an extensive period of time has really shown us that we can rely on technology at a much higher level than we believe so. Nearly the entire world was working from home at one point, and now many children are attending school at home. While there have been struggles at times, we have been adapting to the realities of our new circumstances.


Within a matter of months, COVID-19 has made us rely on the Internet at an even deeper level. It has created a shift and acceleration in our relationship with technology. Many see this time as a burden, wanting things to go back to the way that they were. The truth of the matter is that things might go back to “normal”, but they will never be the way they used to be and the quicker we accept that as it is, the quicker we’re able to see the tremendous opportunity from it. Just like we get used to our brand-new smartphone within a matter of weeks, we are already used to the pandemic lifestyle. It’s much more normal to avoid people when passing them, incorporate masks as a part of our daily routine, search for all of our needs, shop for everything online (including groceries), have doctors appointments via telemedicine, attend Zoom classrooms, parties, weddings and business meetings, as well as socialize and interact with others in much more depth online.

Online search and social media usage levels dramatically increased and evolved since March. While the usage has leveled off in the more recent months, they still continue to be significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Just like that shiny new iPhone, all of this has progressively seemed normal. While some things will go back to being in-person in the near future, our world has definitely shifted and if you are not doubling down on your digital marketing efforts as a business owner and squeezing these lemons, you are truly falling behind.