With years of experience and consumer obsession, we know what it takes to deliver on any paid media campaign.  After crafting well-thought strategies, we turn to understand where your consumers live in the digital realm.  From that, we work to create media that contextualizes with these outlets. The paid media we create engages with consumers leaving a resonating message.  Not only that, we deliver relevant traffic and business results that are nothing but exceptional. Through constant internal daily analysis, we ensure that the results are optimal every step of the way.  


Media Planning

Through strategy and research, we are able to thoroughly plan for the execution of your media campaign.  It is through our uniquely collaborative relationship with our clients, that we offer a tailored media planning strategy.  Strategizing is based on a myriad of factors, unique identifiers, market trends, past performance/endeavors, the relationship between the business and the proposed digital platform, context of the digital platform, the business’s message, attainment of end-goals, and the translation of marketing objectives into digital media goals.  We are constantly using the latest technology to obtain the essence of what is relevant to our clients' customers and their experiences. By further researching what is relevant to our clients’ consumers, what type of experiences resonate with those consumers, and then comparing this to the business/vertical at hand, we’re able to formulate sound media strategies.  


Media Buying

Our process of media buying is both, contemplative yet zealous.  Careful consideration is given to each and every dollar spent by our clients.  By working closely together with our clientele, we collaboratively determine the various aspects of purchasing media.  Factors considered in this process are an allocation of budget, targeting the audience, content of advertisements, timing, platform, placement of advertisements, current market behavior, and the initial response of customer behavior (analysis of initial results/responses).  We ensure the delivery of our media.


Media Analysis

Media Analysis is perhaps one of the most important aspects of paid media.  Proper analysis of the available data enables us to run frugal, yet effective, campaigns.  By measuring against specific metrics, using the context of the platform to define those metrics, evaluating industry standards, as well as evaluating the content of the advertisement, we’re able to help our clients stay agile in an ever-changing environment.  Our strategy is rounded out comparing these metrics according to the campaign objective, identifying and minimizing any potential issues, highlighting and maximizing our successes, improving the advertisement, and making adjustments as necessary.


Media Reporting

Our paid media experience is tied together by our eminent media reporting.  This includes the gathering of all available data points for a specific time period in order to display the results from the campaign, highlights our own efforts to improve it, and the campaigns current status.  This information is all professionally prepared in an easily read report that is accessible to our clients.  



The first step before we can begin a digital campaign.  Explaining that we have to assess what is happening in your business before we can begin executing a comprehensive digital strategy.